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Roll cursor over data fields below for more info

Added By- Computer generated-Shows who created record

Created- Computer generated - shows when record was created

Update- Computer generated - shows when record was last altered

Contacts Window- Displays the contacts that have been selected for this appointment.

Text box- Allows the user to enter text instead of selecting from the contact list. Use X to remove an entry - use up down arrows to move a contact up or down in the list.

Contact Button- Click here to open contact selection dialog.

Phone Fields- Enter phone numbers here or click Phones From Contact to populate the fields with the phone numbers of the of the selected contact.

Label- Allows you to color code each appointment according to your pre set choices. Right click on the down arrow to add or edit choices.

Show as- Adds a stripe to the left side of the appointment in the calendar view to give the user even more scheduling information at a glance.

Reminder- Click here and set the timer. You will be remindeded of your appointment.

Site - Displays the location for the appointment. This can be automatically generated as the contact, subject, or the company location.

Site Selection Button- Click here to open a list of other choices for the location.

Map Button- When connected to the internet you may plot the appointment location on a web map site.

Date Time- View or change the date and times of this appointment. Clicking the check boxes will display a glyph or small icon in the appointment in the calendar view.

Subject / Procedure Display window- Displays selected subject(s) and procedure(s) for this appointment. The appointment duration will automatically be set and the appropriate amount of time will be blocked based on selected procedures. This, of course, can be manually altered either by adjusting the duration of each procedure, changing the end time of the appointment, or by dragging the top or the bottom of the appointment to the desired size in the calendar view.

Double Clicking the subject name opens the subject record.
Double Clicking the procedure opens procedure record.

Subject Button- With a contact name highlighted, clicking the subject button will display a selection list that includes only the subjects associated with that contact. Otherwise all available subjects are shown in the selection list. In software licenses featuring multiple-subject type selections, you may right click the icon to switch the subject type.

Procedure Button- Displays a selection list of procedures to choose from for each subject in the display window.

Remove Button- Removes any selected item in the display window.

Reminder Button- Click here to see any reminders that are pending for any of the subjects in this appointment.

Add Reminder Button- Add reminders for this appointment or click to see any reminders that are pending for any of the contacts or subjects in this appointment.

Notes- Enter notes regarding this appointment.

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