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Contact Summary

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Overview-Contact Summary is a read only dialog that summarizes your contact information.


  • Email Options- Set options for emailing this form.
  • Email- Email this form.
  • Page Setup- Set the print options for this form.
  • Print Preview- Preview the form as it will appear printed.
  • Print- Print the form to a connected printer.

Call- Select and dial phone contact phone numbers.

Name and Phone- Displays the contact name and phone numbers from the primary location information.

Desc and Phone- displays the description and phone numbers from the contact secondary address.

Email- Opens the default email client to send email to this contact.

Balance - Displays the financial balance.

Address 1- Displays the primary address.

Address 2 - Displays the secondary address.

Map Button - Pinpoints the location on an online map. Requires an internet connection.

Notes - Displays Contact record Notes.

Add Reminder- Add a reminder for this contact.

Reminders- View associated reminders pending for this contact.

Subject List- Displays a list of subjects associated with this contact.
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